Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural

All students are given a clear understanding of the democratic processes through the work of the student voice; demonstrating to students the importance of active participation, listening to and representing the views of others within the college community. 

Throughout the curriculum students experience key learning linked to life in Britain. Opportunities to experience a range of cultures are built into multi-sensory learning experiences that are reinforced and supported through discussion and debate.

The college promotes the core British values of mutual respect and tolerance where the personalised experiences created for students allows us to challenge and support them in understanding the community, country and world in which they live.

The curriculum and learning environment is offered at four different levels depending upon: the needs of the individual student; the subject/scheme of work being taught; the overall needs of the group and equality of access to our specialist facilities. A range of strategies are used to assess student progress throughout their time at Abbey Hill Academy Sixth Form to ensure that every student is able to have value and contribute to society both when in college and as they move on to their future lives.

To enable students to make progress they are given access to a curriculum model that suits their particular needs and abilities. Equality of access is at the fore of our curriculum opportunities that are offered to students and the college uses a range of strategies, technology and external support to achieve this. The core principles of curriculum access throughout the college are about developing:


Includes speaking, listening, reading, writing, decision making and displaying preference, signing and using symbols

Working with others

Developing social skills and sustaining relationships

Preparing for the future

Life skills, transition activities

Promoting independence

Reducing reliance on others


Knowing their place within the local community, the country and the wider world. This will include opportunities to visit local places and support events as well as opportunities to participate in volunteering and work experience. More importantly we work hard to open our college to the local community.

Through key stage five we aim to provide a safe, stimulating and caring educational environment in which all students are able to learn and develop their social, creative and academic skills.

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