Curriculum Area Overview

The purpose of PSD is to help young people develop the knowledge and skills to make informed choices about relationships, rights and responsibilities, healthy living, managing money, leisure time and parenting awareness

To achieve a qualification in Personal and Social Development, candidates must gain credits by completing their chosen units and providing clear evidence to demonstrate the development of knowledge at the appropriate level. Candidates need to:

  • Present an organised portfolio which provides clear and concise evidence that the learner has met the unit learning outcomes and assessment criteria on at least one occasion.
  • Some of the┬ámodules covered at present are at Entry level 1 Healthy Living, Using Technology in the Home and Community and Preparation for Work.
  • Some of the┬ámodules covered at present at Entry level 3 - Managing Social Relationships, Healthy Living, Preparation for Work, Developing Self, Using Technology in the Home and Community, Environmental Awareness and Individual Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Some of the modules covered at present are at level 1 - Healthy Eating, Environmental Awareness, Managing Social Relationships and Preparation for Work.

Examination Courses Offered

Personal Progress Units

PSD Entry Level 1

PSD Entry Level 3

PSD Level 1

Skills and Knowledge Learned

Qualifications in Personal and Social Development aim to support young people in:

  • Becoming confident individuals who are physically, emotionally and socially healthy.
  • Being responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society and embrace change.
  • Managing risk together with their own well-being.
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