Curriculum Area Overview

The English Curriculum is tailored to individual students’ level of ability. The most able will study GCSE English Literature and Language for two years, embedded within this curriculum are elements of the Functional Skills Literacy qualification, for which students are sometimes duel entered. The GCSE curriculum requires the student to produce both fiction and non-fiction assignments, demonstrate the ability to write for a variety of purposes and consider and comment on a range of non-fiction media texts.

For those students not quite at GCSE Level we offer Entry Level Functional Skills lessons. Students look at the everyday application of basic skills, enhancing their ability to communicate and function in modern society.

Finally for our least able students we offer a course around improving their rudimentary skills in all 4 key elements of English, which culminates in units towards their Personal Progress Diploma.

Examination Courses Offered

GCSE English Language and Literature, Functional Skills Literacy: Level 2 to Entry 1

Units towards the ASDAN Personal Progress Diploma

Skills and Knowledge Learned

Regardless of a student’s ability the key elements of speaking, listening, reading and writing are taught across the curriculum from basic communication to the interpretation of classic 20th Century texts.

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