Students' Charter For Learning

Student's Charter for Learning

  • To be listened to
  • To have mutual respect – everyone is polite and listens to each other
  • Opportunities to break down barriers between subjects into real life topics; to learn about things that matter to our students
  • To link our learning to real life and prepare us for our next step
  • Chance to learn from experts which inspire them e.g. artists, musicians, writers, mathematicians, scientists...
  • To learn from people doing "real" jobs in real life situations
  • Chance to learn more about the world, world events and where they live
  • To learn about where and how we live in our own and other countries
  • Opportunities to be involved in choosing what they learn; what interests and inspires them
  • To have a say in what we learn
  • Occasions to work in teams, to learn from one another
  • To work with our friends, learn to work with new people and have chances to share our ideas with others
  • Opportunities to learn alongside family members
  • To learn with our families and carers
  • Chance to communicate learning through the use of technologies and other resources
  • To have computers and resources to help us learn with staff from inside and outside the sixth form
  • Opportunities to learn in range of ways: doing and making, both inside and outside of the classroom and outside of school
  • To learn in lots of different ways, including having trips and/or residential opportunities
  • Opportunities to go beyond their comfort zone
  • To try new things and push your efforts to the full
  • To be part of a safe, caring environment
  • To always show good behaviour and look out for each other so that our sixth form is a nice place to work
  • To develop life skills
  • To learn how to become an adult ready to take a full part in the world around us
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